Giving Birth under the Tuscan Sun

I read this article this morning, Moms tell it like it is, about a new survey to track the birthing experience in Tuscany, “with the goal of improving conditions in Tuscan hospitals and prenatal care departments.”  Awesome!  This survey is being distributed until March 2013, and is entitled Birthing in Tuscany: The Experience of Mothers.  It’s estimated that 10,000 women will give birth between now and March 2013 in 25 centres in Tuscany, which means the total is probably even more than that as not all the women in Tuscany will be giving birth at these centres.  I found this article in the English speaking newspaper here in Florence and I’m so happy to see that there’s an effort here in Italy to connect with the fertile women living here, giving birth here, etc.  This is the most progressive women’s health action I’ve seen here in Italy so far.  Go Tuscany Go!  This is a piece of the human world, the topic of birth and women’s health (unfortunately it’s more like basic women’s rights at this point), that desperately needs to be uplifted.  I won’t get on my soap box for this but I can promise that a good portion of my life path is to work for and with fertile women, making sure they have access to healthy, positive birth experiences.


Blessed is the fruit of thy womb!

Myria Harrison


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