Uplift Your Home

Space clearing and optimization for Mamma & Baby:

Offering consultations on home organization, energetic clearing and Feng-Shui with the joyful intention of uplifting your home for optimal health and well-being.

Learn how to nourish, protect and enliven your living space so that you and you family can enjoy healthy, prosperous, beautiful lives!  True beauty comes from within, so any home or apartment no matter it’s market value can radiate joy and beauty.

A consultation will consider the following:

  • child safety
  • creating a more natural, chemical free home
  • Feng-Shui principles
  • customized aromatherapy sprays with the option of aligning with your material and emotional goals
  • resources for plant based products for you & your family
  • celebrating feminine creativity
  • energetic protection
  • task plan to boost vitality and energy flow
  • organization and de-cluttering
A  home that maintains a clear and positive vibration allows for good health, clarity and a successful life.  Maintaing a happy home benefits people of all ages; however it is especially important for new moms.
In this postpartum phase of your birth experience you have the blessed opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time at home.  With this in mind, it can be very helpful to take some time and effort to nurture and align your living space with joy & beauty!  This is a simple and fun process and I look forward to helping you create a home you LOVE to be in!
To schedule your free initial consultation give me a call or e-mail at:
(303) 587-9474


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