Transforming Worry to Joy & Gratitude

My belated grandmother, Bertha Mae Evans, used to call me a “worry wort.”  She must have noticed that I worry a lot.  :)  I think it’s safe to say that this is still the case, especially now as I’m trying to carve out a life in a foreign country.  With my dreams at stake, drum roll please, and everything dependent on the open state of my heart and mind, it would be very easy for me to fall into the bad habit of worrying.  I find myself wavering from worry ~ and finally into ecstatic joy, as I feel the anticipation of miracles undoubtedly headed my way.  When I fall into worry, I can make the effort to shift my energy and my attention by following the suggestions in the article, “12 Techniques to Stop Worrying.”  

Let’s consider this….

Which do you think is more helpful:



Gratitude for your life in the present!!!  

The article provides 12 ways to TRANSFORM your worry habit.  For example: make a to do list, spend time in nature, or express what you’re grateful for in your life.  Have a look and enjoy.  I hope it proves to be helpful for you as well!




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