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Buonasera Bellas,

I’ve been stirring this little pot of herbal wisdom for a few days now and I want to share it with you.  I’ve noticed many people here in Italy are sick with a cough, head cold, congestion, this sort of thing.  In my spare time (which waivers from extensive to nulla) I’ve been enjoying herbal webinars and it’s re-inspired my love for homemade herbal remedies.  I also had a cold myself that I thought was going to take me under but- with a shoestring budget, some herbal inspiration and some garlic and ginger I prevailed!  I couldnt believe it when I woke up the next day and felt fully recovered.  For those of you that cant seem to shake the Fall to Winter Cold here’s my advice:

Three very affordable, very simple and very tasty ways to rid your ((beautiful bright self)) of sickness.

1) Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme are you’re new best friends.  Fresh is best but dried is fine.  Make tea of one or all four.  Add them to whatever you’re cooking, use about half as much dried herbs as you would fresh.  (1tsp. to 1 Tbsp.) A little goes along way. You can easily grow these herbs on your own in a window.  These herbs have nutrients, vitamins, essential oils and they’re aromatic- which means they smell good because their volatile oils will eventually make their way up your nose, to your brain and heal your sinuses.

2) Garlic & Ginger are the soldiers worthy of guarding your temple body.  For an entire day, I drank cup after cup of freshly chopped garlic and ginger.  Make sure you dont get dehydrated so if your pee is dark yellow drink more water plain so you stay hydrated.  You can add green or jasmine tea, lemon, honey…whatever helps you chug it down just make sure you have the garlic and ginger.  You can reuse the chopped goods in more than one cup- probably two sequential cups of tea per a half chopped garlic clove and a half inch thick chopped slice of ginger. Peel the garlic, no need to peel the ginger.  Drink, drink and keep drinking.

3) Stay warm!  Take a hot bath. Keep your neck, ears and head covered.  Your neck at least. If any part of your body is cold do something to make it warm.  There arent many bathtubs here in Italy to my dismay. Heating that much water at once is unheard of and expensive so consider yourself lucky in America!  A hot bath is one of the first things I’m looking forward to when I get back Stateside.  When I was getting sick and didnt have access to a tub, I boiled some hot water and poured it over two clean towels.  Wrung em out and wrapped them around my head and neck.  I even wandered out to the garden and snuggled in some pieces of sage and lavender around my face.  It may not have done much, but it was nice to think the plants were there to help me.  Being sick in a foreign country is not cool.


Here’s a quick re-cap:

Make some new friends- the one’s that actually grow from the ground- just remember the song- “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme.”  That’s easy enough.  The Italian spices, affectionately known in the herbal community as “Spaghetti Herbs” are famous for boosting the Immune System and are easy to find fresh or dried at your local market of choice.

Get your temple guardians on board- Garlic & Ginger: they’re both relatively cheap and phenomenal warriors against germs and disease.  Last but not least- stay warm. Don’t settle for any part of your body being cold. This goes for when you’re not sick as well.  Wear a scarf, hat, layers of clothes, hot towels, hot tea, etc.  Keep the wind out.

~This is just the beginning beloveds.  There are countless medicinal plants growing in your landscaping, in your lawn, in your garden, in the forest that you may or may not be familiar with yet that can provide for all of your medicinal needs. Yes some plants and herbs are poisonous so you dont want to just pick whatever and mangia mangia, you need to do your homework, but there are many many many plants that are here to help you.  They are Mother Earth’s gift to you.  The poorest person on Earth is never without basic medicine, all the medicine we ever needed grows from the ground up.

The rule of thumb for herbs is that they are best applied at the first sign of sickness.  The first tickle, the first itch, the first scratch, the first sniffle, etc.  Herbs are fabulous for nipping a germ in the butt as soon as it marches in.  If the sickness has already made a cozy residence in your being no worries.  With diligent application, herbs do well to consistently clean, purify, vitalize and nurture your body.  Thyme- time is the only missing piece in the equation and so in this case- use more of the herb thyme if a sickness has really settled in.  It won’t be around much longer!

If you have any questions let me know- you can reach me by e-mail at or you can post a comment down beloooooow.

Much love and healing light from Tuscany,

Myria Harrison

Herbal Remedies

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  1. Thanks for the post. Yes to herbs & garlic & ginger! I’ve been thinking of you on your Italian adventure…sending love your way! Hope you’re having the best time ever.

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