Great Find! : “Succulent Wild Woman”

I recently discovered this amazing woman and writer and I plan on getting some copies of her gorgeous, inspiring books. Her name is…Sark!  You can visit her webpage here:  She writes books with fun titles like : “Succulent Wild Woman” “Transformation Soup” and “Eating Mangoes Naked,”

~ all with the intention of transformational healing for women (and men) through humor, beauty, honesty and some seriously awesome creativity. She also has a 24-7 Inspiration Phoneline which you should definitely call at 415-546-3742 (EPIC).  She spontaneously records 5-8 minute messages of inspiration as she feels called.  I was driving across Kansas last night as a passenger and was in need of a boost.  I came across her hotline number and was like “why the heck not?” and gave it a call.  She made me smile!  You can look up her books on Amazon and catch a glimpse of her amazing creativity by clicking on the look inside option.  Hope you’ll be as inspired as I am!  Let me know what you think!


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