Womb’s Wisdom


This last moon cycle of mine was a deep and enriching experience as I spent a lot of time connecting with my womb and her wisdom.  I read some books about indigenous traditions of the moon lodge (a sacred space for women to rest and be together while they are bleeding.  Usually women who live together have their moontime at the same time).  I read how indigenous traditions use sacred ceremony to hold space for life transitions including abortion.  I held sacred space for myself and my creativity!  I burned lots of logs, sticks, newspapers and prayers in the fire.  I walked in the snow at night, cranking my neck to gaze at the stars, searching and finding! …bright meteors shooting across the sky.  I went on walks across the fields.  I cried. I sobbed.  I practiced yoga.  I brewed my special herbal tea blend with cramp bark.  I sang from my heart!

AND, I wrote the following words in the margin of my planner.  I found it a few days later and had forgotten I wrote it.  I was delighted to see how the wisdom of my womb spoke so clearly into my purple pen.  Wow, I wrote that?  I wrote it, but the information was gifted to me.  It was very helpful for me to read and remember.

womb wisdom coming out in purple ink

For each upcoming moontime I intend to take the time to listen to and connect with my womb, my lovely uterus, to write what she teaches me and then share it with my sisterhood as I feel called to do so.

Today I am on day 22 of my cycle.

Where are you on your cycle? If you’re a woman, your menstrual cycle begins day 1, on your first day of bleeding – then you can count from there.

Today I want to share my latest moontime writing with you. ~ Here ’tis. ~


She allows me to be fully present



i want to live my life with more reverance

honoring myself and sacred

@ sunrise & sunset.


My womb is a steady & constant source of wisdom


my womb is a deep well of





* truth

she is i am

always present

always free


May we all be free to express our brilliant creativity, inner and outer, seen and unseen.

Happy New Year!


Myria Harrison


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