Yoga Heals!

Yoga Heals!

Liberate yourself from stress and self-limiting thought patterns!

Through the practice of YOGA we can access our body, our bones, our muscles, and our organs… we can liberate ourselves from stress and self-limiting thought patterns.  When we CONNECT with our bodies, (our temples!) we can tap into our most basic vitality and goodness that IS an endless source of energy and peace.

I say all of this through direct and personal experience.  I have struggled with depression throughout my entire life and yoga has been my saving grace!  I want to share this amazing tool for self empowerment and liberation with YOU!

As a bodyworker I can help you connect with your body where I can anatomically and intuitively see that it’s holding on for dear life.  As a dedicated teacher and practitioner of yoga I will gently push you AND support you in going further into your practice.

I presently have a Hatha and Vinyasa approach to yoga and I am also becoming very interested in Anusara Yoga. Similar to my approach to massage, I make my yoga practice my own.  My yoga classes could be considered non-traditional as I incorporate my interests in dance and strength training. Dance-based isolation movements create a strong body-mind awareness and promote better posture. The strength training excerises I incorporate come from the work I’ve been doing with a personal trainer to keep my own body strong.  My understanding of the human body’s anatomy and the body’s ability to heal itself make my approach to yoga unique.

Private Lessons:

I offer private, in-home lessons for $40 per 45 minute session

  •  Are you curious about yoga but don’t like the idea of starting out in a group setting? Private lessons are a safe and comfortable way to begin your exploration of yoga!
  • If you’ve fallen out of your personal yoga practice, private lessons can be a great way to get back on the mat and rejuvenate your  practice.

If you have questions, concerns, etc don’t hesitate to contact me.  I would love to help you on your path with yoga.  There are many wonderful yoga practitioners here in Lawrence so if you don’t feel like I’m a good match for what you’re looking for, I can help you find someone who is!


Myria Harrison

“Myria is a gentle spirit with a passion for facilitating the growth and healing in women.  When she started teaching me yoga, I was so impressed with how careful she was before we began, to understand my goals and needs.  Our first session she came well prepared with information and ideas that made it obvious she had really done her homework in order to make our time together as beneficial to me as possible, and leaving me inspired and motivated.”

 - JoAnn Farb
Author: Compassionate Souls — Raising the Next Generation to Change the World and Get off Gluten

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